MBS 37th Anniversary

Thanksgiving and Projection Towards 2015
¬¬Imitating Christ’s Leadership in Challenging Times

I recalled a conversation with the Founding Principal of of MBS, our late Rev. Dr. Lukas Tjandra who had once said to me: “One day in the future, if there is a need in MBS for someone to take up the responsibility of Principal, you should accept the role with boldness.”
At that point of time I did not put much thought on the matter. However last year when Dr. Jason Lim resigned from his position as Principal, I received a call from the Council Chairman of MBS. Requesting me to consider taking up the role of Principal. I had struggled and prayed over the request for 3 months and waited upon the Lord for His guidance. The Lord then encouraged me through Ephesians 3:20: “ Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” With that I accepted the appointment from MBS Council.
As a 2nd batch alumnus of the seminary, how could I by-pass the need of my Alma-¬mater when there is such a need? When I was studying in the US, I had been invited by 6 churches to be their pastor. I had hesitated and finally declined their offer, particularly as I recalled the contribution of the late Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Lukas Tjandra to MBS, as they had left Indonesia to come to serve with MBS in Malaysia. How could I then shirk my responsibility?

As the fifth Principal of MBS, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the former Principals for their tireless work and contributions, which have led to the significant growth of the seminary. It is only when I become the Principal that I begin to realize the internal burdens as well as external challenges faced by them, particularly in the area of funding. I also appreciate their family members for their faithful supportive roles. May the Lord bless them all for all their services and sacrifices.
Sincere thanks to the late Rev. Dr. Lukas Tjandra who had responded to the ‘Macedonian Call’ of MBS. Through much hardship and challenges, together with Mrs. Tjandra and their son Andrias, the whole family had submitted to God’s leading and they were willing to accept the invitation of Malaysian church leaders to cross over to serve. Rev. Dr. Tjandra had helped MBS to set up a firm foundation.
Sincere thanks to our first national Principal Rev. Dr. Lee Ken Ang, who had worked very hard and efficiently to build up the academic as well as the administrative architecture of the seminary. Deep gratitude to Rev. Dr. Tan Kim Sai for his caring and humble personality which strengthened the relations between MBS and churches. MBS had successfully purchased the Kuang campus and facilities under his term of office, with the help of supportive churches and individuals. Sincere thanks to our former Principal Dr. Jason Lim, who had led in the move from Klang to the present Kuang campus. Dr. Lim established a theological teaching center overseas, and has done much in promoting MBS publication. Although this is his sabbatical year, He continues to serve in research and lecture, and also taking charge of MBS overseas’ programs. We are grateful for his continued contribution.

A hearty ‘Thank you’ to all the faculty members, for your dedication in training and equipping the students. I trust that God will use our alumni greatly in His service throughout the churches and nations. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all office staffs, without whom a lot of work would not have been accomplished. We appreciate that although your salary is not high, you have chosen to serve with the seminary whole¬heartedly. God bless you all faculty and staffs.
Dear Alumni, let us remember our late Rev. Dr. Lukas Tjandra who had reminded us “To care for and support MBS”. MBS Alumni are the ambassadors of Christ, the “recommendation letters” of MBS and also the soldiers of the cross! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Let us continue to walk with the Lord, persist in ministry and prayers, and not forgetting the needs of our alma-mater.
Since becoming Principal of MBS, the first challenge I faced was the rejection of visa renewal for our foreign students. However with much coordination and earnest prayers from all concerned, thank God our appeal has been granted and all the students have had their visas renewed for one year. This indeed has been a trial for us to stand firm on faith in God. His grace and mercy is sufficient. We hope to train many more nationals as well as internationals for the kingdom ministry, locally as well as abroad.
With a grateful heart, I would like to thank all of you co-workers, brothers and sisters in Christ for your continued support to MBS for the past 37 years. In recent years our country has faced much political turmoil, air tragedies, as well as natural disasters such as floods and earth-quakes. This year with the implementation of the GST, threats from terrorism and so on, we are all more burdened in one way or another, let us however keep on guard and remember that crisis creates opportunity. Let us also be reminded that our treasures are kept in heaven as we invest in God’s eternal Kingdom.
MBS new theme for this year is “Christ¬like leadership in challenging times.” Thank you all once again for your love and support. May the Lord bless you all and family, as well as the ministry that he has given you, so that everything will work out for His glory, and for blessings to many. Stay connected.

Rev Dr Lee Mee Onn
Principal, Malaysia Bible Seminary