What students say

Hear first-hand from some MBS students on what studying here is like!

Pastor Aaron Tham, Malaysia, Master of Divinity student

I am pursuing part-time study for a M. Div. and I chose MBS for location and accessibility to my home and church office. The seminary makes every effort to bring us the best teachers for each topic and subject. The teachers bring along with them their class and field experience, which adds to the value of their lessons. Interaction with other students and the lecturers has helped me a great deal in terms of enhancing my pastoral ministry. I learn from the experiences of others, and their situations help me in my ministry and personal growth.

I’m a pastor at a local church and the knowledge I’m gaining from seminary deepens my understanding and knowledge of His word. With the reading lists, I am able to update myself on what is current and relevant. At the same time, it is a wonderful opportunity to interact with ministers of other churches as we study together.