Graduate Programmes

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Graduate programmes at MBS have equipped many pastors and full-time workers who are now serving in ministry. These programmes are aimed at students who hold first degrees or an equivalent from other colleges, seminaries and universities. Transfer of credits (or units) from other institutions is possible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as the transfer does not exceed 50% of the number of credits required to fulfil a course at MBS.

Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (30 units) (more…)

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (Grad. Dip. C.S.) is a one-year, full-time programme which is a foundational requirement for the Master of Christian Studies.

Master of Christian Studies (60 units) (more…)

The Master of Christian Studies is an extension to the Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies. It involves a second year of full-time study consisting of an additional 30 units.

Master of Divinity (90 units) (more…)

The Master of Divinity usually follows completion of the Master of Christian Studies by completing a third year of studies covering 30 additional units.

Master of Ministry (30 units) (more...)

The Master of Ministry is a part-time, non-residential course over three years. It is MBS’ Extension programme. It is conducted on a modular approach to accommodate students working schedules. It is a practically-oriented course targeting lay Christian leaders, pastors, church and full-time workers who have already begun serving in ministry and want to upgrade their skills, biblical knowledge and application. Emphasis is given to sharpening practical ministry skills rather than an academic focus.